Buddy Programme

The Buddy Programme is an additional aspect of our general volunteer programme. Their are many people out there who simply don’t have time to volunteer at the centre on a regular basis and whose lifestyles and commitments don’t allow them the freedom to adopt or foster a dog. These people are missing out on all of the benefits that the companionship of a dog can bring. Our ‘Buddy’ system takes this into account and is as much of a benefit to us humans as it is to the dogs.

If you would enjoy the company of a dog just every now and again to fit in around your lifestyle, maybe to go for a walk in the campo, accompany you on a day out to the beach, or to simply spend the day with you at your home, then I guarantee that we have a dog who would love to join you.

All of our dogs love to socialise and make new friends so consider being one of our dog buddies and help our dogs while having a great time yourself.

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