Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the adoption process?

After finding the dog you want, we ask you come along and visit the dog to see if you get along with each other. We will then email you a pre adoption and an adoption form for you to fill out. This gives up an insight in to your life style and suitability for the dog in question.

If all is well we will call you and let you know you may adopt the dog in question.

We ask if possible for you to come along a few times and spend time with your desired pet before taking it home.

Whilst this process is going through we will arrange a home check. If all is suitable, then we will arrange a day for you to collect your dog.

How do I settle my new dog into my home?

Sometimes dogs find it hard to settle once they arrive at their new home and as a result, may be a little unwilling to eat. Hand-feeding a few pieces of kibble, and then offering the rest in a bowl, may help.

Gently massaging your dog when it is lying still will also help it relax and settle into its new home. Unfortunately, with any shelter dog, we have limited information on the dog’s history and anything that it may have been exposed to in the past. Give your dog some time to settle into its new home and make sure that you provide it with a safe place to settle and relax, be patient and understanding of how difficult the transition from the shelter to your home may be.

Have a family meeting and set some house rules for your new dog. Where is it allowed to be and where is it not? Who will feed it? Where will it sleep? All of these things are important in helping the dog settle in. Make sure that you stick to these rules. It is very important that we set the right foundation for how we want the dog to behave throughout its life.

It’s not fair on the dog to change the rules once it has already settled in.

Are all of the dog's currently vaccinated?

All our dogs are vaccinated with core vaccines.

Are all of the dog's spayed or neutered?

No, only in certain circumstances do we spay or neuter.

How do I change my dog's microchip details?

You go along to your local veterinary and they will change the information on the micro-chip and passport for you.

You can also do this online if you have the microchip number and the provider.